Accounting and Personnel Accounting services in Ukraine

We provide our clients with the full range of accounting and personnel accounting services and the advice on taxation issues for Ukrainian companies established by foreign entities.

Calculation of the Price for Accounting Services in Ukraine

Type of business:

Type of taxation system


VAT payer:


Have not chosen the system of taxation yet?

Do you want to know what type of taxation system will be suitable for your business in Ukraine? Send a request! The WIC team will give the advice and choose the best solution. We speak Polish

The most common packages

Individual Entrepreneur

EUR 32 monthly
  • 2nd or 3rd group
  • under 20 operations (documents)per month

Private Limited Company

EUR 136 monthly
  • 3rd group
  • under 20 operations (documents)per month
  • simplified system 5%

Private Limited Company

EUR 164 monthly
  • General tax
  • under 20 operations (documents)per month
  • a VAT payer
  • under 5 employees

How does is all works?

Entrust you accounting in Ukraine to professionals


We determine the best package for the customer, study the documents for the previous period, analyse the ongoing taxation system, and, if necessary, recommend how to change it. Our accountant will find all possible risk-free ways to minimize the taxes. Our lawyer will forecast all your possible risks in concluding contracts with your partners/customers.

Concluding the Contract

We sign the contract: including all important terms and conditions, guarantees, deadlines, ways of communication and assign the main accountant.

Procedure of Accounting

You set the goals, send us the photos of the documents and just run your business. Our team will minimize and pay all taxes and other duties, file tax reports and returns, represent you in the relevant authorities and prepare required documents.


You have the access to all systems: online banking, taxpayer’s personal account, etc, and at any time I can check how everything is going or request the information from the accountant.

Advantages of outsourcing accounting

Today, the minimum net salary of an average accountant starts from UAH 15.000. A highly-experienced one gets UAH 25.000. In addition to the salary, you will have to pay the social security contribution and the military tax. You will also need to equip the workplace and purchase the appropriate hardware and software.

Our team features accountants experienced in various fields and tax attorneys bringing together the collective expertise (in-depth analysis) which allows them to avoid mistakes.

You will not care anymore about granting your accountant a leave or a dismissal. In case of any inspections by the supervisory authorities, you will not stay unaided dealing with the inspectors.

We specialize in a certain business and provide services to a large number of companies. This allows us to thoroughly understand all current issues and use the experience gained. Also, we have a trust-based relationship with many people including supervisory bodies.

We are financially responsible for the work we perform under the contract. The employee accountant may only be liable to the extent of one average monthly salary.

Increasing or shrinking of your business will require you to hire or fire employees, bear the costs of their training, equipping the workplace, waste time and incur additional expenses. This can lead to reduced business mobility and increased costs. For us as - your outsourcing company - any increasing or decreasing of your business will result only in the cost of the outsourced services!

Our Team

Catherine Jaresio accountant Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Catherine Jaresio


Vadim Melko tax lawyer Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Vadim Melko

tax lawyer

Lilia Degodyuk accountant Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Lilia Degodyuk


Galina Stadnichuk accountant Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Galina Stadnichuk


Khrystyna Bratkiv lawyer Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Khrystyna Bratkiv


Lyudmila Donchik accountant Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Lyudmila Donchik


Iryna Borysiuk accountant Бухгалтерське агенство WIC

Iryna Borysiuk


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